Hello, my name is Annette Kucia, the owner and Director of Clever Clogs, a Licensed Home Preschool and Daycare. My teaching experience is expansive and far reaching, having also previously taught in England, Scotland and Germany. All of our teachers are experienced.

Teaching is undoubtedly my calling and my passion and I remain firmly committed to the benefits of home learning and care. The small group, play-centered learning, incorporating performance arts and exercises help children to feel safe, peaceful and capable. Our family-centric approach ensures that brothers and sisters all come to Clever Clogs to enjoy and benefit from the same early learning experience. In short families join and stay. 

At Clever Clogs, empathy is learned early. When a toddler is forced in to an overcrowded institution they function primarily in a state of fight or flight reducing the potential for learning. Parents are frequently under the misguided opinion that their child will have greater learning opportunities in larger commercial centers, whereas the contrary is the case. At Clever Clogs, learning is experienced in a peaceful, nurturing environment with a constant caregiver. At Clever Clogs we support your child by developing an extended relationship. There is peace here and the children respond to the sense of spaciousness and calm.

Clever Clogs adheres to the performance standards of The Kansas Health Department, The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Public Health Association and follow CDC Guidelines.  I am also affiliated with Family Conservancy, Daycare Professionals in Child Care, Providers Coalition of Kansas City and am an active supporter of The Children's Aid Society amongst other groups.

Make an appointment to visit our facility? Witness first hand the ideal environment for children to thrive in!