My name is Annette Kucia. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a teacher.  I have had the privilege of teaching in England, Scotland and Germany. Teaching is my calling and I love it! At Clever Clogs all of the teachers share my passion. We love the closeness we forge with the families enrolled at Clever Clogs , through daily exchanges, recitals, parties and conferences.  We are a strong, love abiding community! 

I remain committed to the benefits of home learning and care. The small group, play-centered learning, performance arts and exercises help children to feel safe, peaceful and capable. In short, they thrive beyond expectation. 

When parents are called to work or would like to introduce their children to a learning environment, a loving, structured home preschool/day care environment is ideal for the child's development. Through Clever Clogs curriculum your child will build the confidence and knowledge to take on kindergarten, the 1st grade and High School! 

At Clever Clog's empathy is learned early. When a toddler is forced in to an overcrowded institution they function primarily in a state of fight or flight reducing the potential for learning. This is the key component. Parent's are under the misguided opinion that their child will have greater learning opportunities when the contrary is the case. Here learning is experienced in a peaceful, nurturing environment with a constant caregiver.  At Clever Clogs we support your child by developing an extended relationship. There is peace here and children respond to the sense of spaciousness.

My education never stops! I am sincerely concerned about providing the best possible care for your child and seek the latest research in child development. I hope you, as parents, are interested in this also & will support our efforts.
As a teacher I know professional development is key to your children’s success. In the past year alone I have participated in state food programs and have contributed to the Step it Up Program. 

Clever Clog's practices the performance standards of The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Public Health Association.  I am also affiliated to Family Conservancy, Daycare Professionals in Child Care, and am an active supporter of The Children's Aid Society among other groups.
I am also a Focusing and Yoga teacher.