A child see’s the world around them with wonder and awe. We believe in encouraging their natural curiosity whilst helping them reach their developmental milestones. This is where true learning is born...

We've enrolled many children with social and behavioral challenges and they have all flourished through our developmental plans.

Clever Clogs helps your child feel capable of reaching academic excellence whilst honoring values. Our passion and commitment for early development is evident.

Your child's success begins here...

Parents are Always Welcome !

We love it when parents stop by throughout the day. There's always something they can do to help. Many parents enjoy stopping in to read to all of the kids and cuddle before heading back to work.

We also appreciate parents joining us on field trips. It's delight to spend time together.


Licensing & Affiliations:
  1. Clever Clogs is licensed through Johnson County Health Department
  2. Inspected by Leawood Fire Department
  3. Our Teachers hold Advanced Medical Certification
  4. Family Conservancy
  5. Daycare Connection
  6. Child Care Aware
  7. Day Care Resources
  8. Step It Up programs
  9. Specialist Resources
  10. Yoga Alliance ( Yoga practiced daily)
  11. Musical Heights for Children
  12. Stretch and Grow

Parental Opportunities